With over 117 million units sold, the PlayStation 4 sits firmly on the throne as one of the last generation’s best consoles. And there’s been no shortage of great games to play on the platform over the years. But which are the very best PS4 games out there? To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of the best games to ever grace Sony’s flagship machine.

The latest game in Hideo Kojima’s enigmatic series drew huge fanfare upon release this year. In a post-apocalyptic world of survivors, Timefall rain showers that age and destroy everything they touch, and Beached Things (the spirits of the dead that can’t pass on), Death Stranding is an unforgettable experience that may just define the tail end of this console generation.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore the wild west or just love a bit of adventure, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an absolute gem. This Rockstar Games classic follows Van der Linde gang member and outlaw Arthur Morgan in the wilds of 1899 as he deals with the decline of the American frontier. A sprawling open world, the action is paced perfectly and the game’s engrossing story is complemented by one of the most stunning graphics you’ll see on any console.

This remaster of a PlayStation 2 classic is arguably one of the greatest games of all time. The game’s vast, empty world has a somber, reflective quality that makes every victory bittersweet and its graphics still hold up to this day, giving it a place in any ‘games as art’ debate. This remaster is simply a must-play for any gamer.

In the midst of the first-person shooter resurgence that hit its stride in 2014, the PlayStation 4 received a worthy addition with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. A reimagining of the franchise’s roots with a modern and engaging gameplay style, Advanced Warfare was one of the most successful releases of that console generation.

The fifth (and ostensibly final) entry in the long-running Metal Gear franchise is a grittier and more reined-in game than previous entries. The ominous city of Yharnam drips with dread and From Software delivers the most unerringly atmospheric world on PlayStation, where every corner is sure to hide some kind of grotesque monster or fascinating piece of lore. With a finely tuned combat system, drool-worthy artwork, and some of the most twisted monsters you’ll ever encounter, this is a must-play for any PlayStation enthusiast. PS4 games

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