Silver judaica is the name given to any silverware employed in connection with any function, rite or practice of the Jewish faith. It also refers to the adornments that are used with such pieces, and it is believed by those of the faith that using such an exquisite item during a ritual or ceremony is a way of praising God and honouring His commandments.

As a result, the silver Judaica produced by Jews and non-Jews alike is highly sought after, both as collector’s items and as functional ceremonial objects. From Hanukkah menorahs and Kiddush cups to the pointers, crowns and breastplates used to decorate Torah scrolls, many such artifacts are produced from 925 Sterling silver. Often, the same silversmiths who create these objects also produce Judaica accessories – such as mezuzot, kippahs and washing cups – in order to provide an integrated service to their customers.

In the United States, a prominent example of such integrated production is the work of Netafim 55, founded in 1914 by Shimon Nataf of blessed memory. Having been forced to leave his native land, he vowed that the craft of producing pure silver Judaica would never die, and he successfully passed on this heritage to his sons. The company continues to thrive today, producing candelabras, Kiddush cups, spice boxes and mezuzot for Jewish families everywhere.

In addition to delivering high quality and exquisite design, most physical and virtual establishments that specialize in the sale of silver judaica also offer a selection of goods designed specifically for children. This is because the Jewish faith often involves the celebration of a lot of unique traditions, and children get excited about them too. For this reason, most stores that specialise in the sale of silver judaica will make a concerted effort to keep prices competitive and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. silver judaica

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