A building’s electrical panel is the heart of the entire system. It receives the external wires that supply electricity to a property from an electrical provider such as APS or SRP and then distributes them throughout the entire structure. Having an electrical panel that is up to date can save a lot of money as well as ensure the safety of appliances and equipment. This is why having a service panel upgrade done by a professional electrician is essential.

Upgrading your panel can prevent issues with overheating which is a leading cause of home electrical fires. It can also save you from paying higher insurance premiums, as having a safer electrical panel is considered a significant safety feature by insurers and can lower your rate.

The first thing you need to do is call a utility company and request a work order to disconnect power to the area of your property where the electrical panel upgrade will take place. This process takes approximately a week. Once this is done, you can schedule a day to have the city crew come out to mark out all other existing utilities (gas, water, AT&T, Cox Cable, etc…). This will be needed before starting the electrical panel upgrade.

If you are planning a renovation or addition to your home, an Electrical Panel Upgrade is a good idea. This is because it will increase the electrical load on your home, and an older panel may not be able to handle this extra demand. Having an upgraded panel will ensure that your new additions and renovations will be able to run safely and efficiently.

You should also consider an electrical panel upgrade if you are experiencing frequent circuit breaker trips or if your appliances and equipment seem to be getting more and more damaged by power surges. This could be a sign that the circuit breaker is not able to cope with the current load, and that it is overworking itself.

If you notice any signs of overheating, such as the smell of burning plastic or wood, then this is a very serious problem and should be fixed as soon as possible. This is an indication that the wires within your breaker box are melting and could be causing an electrical fire. It is important to get an electrician out as soon as possible to address the issue and prevent a fire from occurring in your home.

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