A city’s landmarks are the buildings, monuments, and other structures that tell the story of a place, its history, and its people. Landmarks can be used to create mental maps of a city, as well as help people find their way around it. They also help in creating the image of a city by influencing people’s behavior and attitudes.

A number of cities in the world have many iconic landmarks that are worth visiting and learning about. Some are well-known, while others are less recognizable but still important to the local culture.

In some cases, landmarks are known by their unique architectural style or other distinctive qualities that make them memorable to visitors. In other cases, they are famous for the events that took place there or the people who lived there.

For example, New York’s Times Square is famous for its dazzling lights and crowds of people. It’s also a place where tourists can see the Statue of Liberty.

But despite its historical importance, it is not protected as a landmark in New York. Fortunately, the landmark will be restored and opened to visitors in 2010.

Jack Kerouac’s Ozone Park walk-up and a South Richmond Hill home where he penned “On the Road” should be landmarked as well, experts say. They should be saved from developers who want to demolish them.

Malcolm X’s East Elmhurst house should be a landmark, too, because it served as a refuge to the civil rights leader in the turbulent 1960s. It’s one of a handful of sites in the borough where leaders from all walks of life have had homes.

Jackie Robinson’s Addisleigh Park home should be a landmark as well, since it was once the home of his Brooklyn Dodgers teammate Roy Campanella. The two played together for several years before Robinson moved in, and Campanella was a key member of the Dodgers’ rebuilding effort in the 1950s.

Similarly, Lewis Latimer’s home in Maspeth should be a landmark because it was his first home when he moved to Queens in the 1940s. It’s a site where he and his family raised their four daughters.

The landmark will be a great place for residents to live because it is close to public transportation, shopping, and dining. The development will include high-rise condominiums and apartments.

For some time, the landmark has been trying to save a number of important landmarks from being destroyed because they are threatened with demolition. But it will take more work and patience to protect them all.

A number of historic properties in the borough are at risk, including the former United Nations headquarters, where detectives Joseph Lynch and Ferdinand Socha were killed in a bombing attack. But the building is undergoing a $47 million renovation and partial restoration to preserve the historic facade.

The landmark will be a great place for those who love history, architecture, and culture. It will provide residents with a chance to learn about the past while enjoying modern living.

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