The discerning homeowner will appreciate the premium finishing and spacious layouts that evoke an atmosphere of refined luxury. The curated selection of facilities also serve to rejuvenate and replenish, enabling you to take on your daily tasks with renewed energy and a sense of clarity.

The development’s architectural brilliance harmoniously blends classic design with contemporary nuances to further elevate the rich heritage of the surrounding Lentor neighbourhood. Residents can look forward to a privileged lifestyle complemented by the exceptional array of amenities that include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a tranquil pool ensconced in verdant landscapes and a community space for socializing and recreation.

With a future Linear Park that weaves through the entire estate, residents can look forward to an extensive network of pedestrian-friendly routes that are lined with lush greenery. The park is also envisioned as the hub for community activities, creating an engaging and tight-knit community for all its residents to enjoy.

In addition, children can look forward to a seamless educational journey with the presence of esteemed schools such as Anderson Primary School and CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School in close proximity. Likewise, the nearby Presbyterian High School is an ideal choice for older students, providing them with a nurturing environment that nurtures character growth and academic excellence.

Residents can also look forward to an extraordinary shopping experience with the presence of various malls in close proximity. This offers a wide range of shopping opportunities to cater for all tastes, from affordable essentials to upscale indulgences. lentor mansion

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