Street wear is a fashion trend that is sweeping across every income level, socioeconomic status and corner of the world. Behind the overpriced t-shirts and mile-long lines at sneaker releases, though, lies a deeper movement. Streetwear isn’t just about the clothes – it’s about rejecting social norms and declaring yourself. That’s why the most successful streetwear brands embrace rebellion at its core, making it the core of their brand identity.

Rather than the fashion elite dictating trends on the runway, and buyers deciding what styles make it into stores, streetwear flips this model on its head. It’s now the millions of consumers who like, share, and retweet that decide what’s cool. In today’s digital world, anyone can become an influencer and launch a clothing line with little effort. This democratization has changed the fashion industry.

While high fashion brands have traditionally steered clear of streetwear, many have realized the impact this style is having on consumer behavior. This has resulted in the launch of new collections from established luxury labels, including Louis Vuitton’s LV x Supreme collection and Lacoste’s CR7 collaboration. Streetwear has also influenced the designs of independent fashion brands, as they seek to appeal to this growing audience of youth culture.

In a world of Instagram and Facebook, where anything goes in terms of fashion, streetwear is an opportunity for brands to showcase their unique styles and personalities. It allows consumers to express themselves through their choice of clothes, while also enabling them to look good in the process. Unlike the figure-hugging tailoring of a few years ago, modern streetwear outfits are more relaxed and casual. Oversized hoodies are common in this style, as well as loose clothing that’s not so baggy it swallows you whole. Ideally, this loose clothing will be paired with skinny jeans or straight-leg pants to create an outfit that isn’t simply a sloppy, street-style uniform.

When it comes to choosing a brand, young followers of streetwear want to go straight to the source. In our recent study, 65% of respondents indicated that musicians are the most credible sources for inspiration when it comes to streetwear, ahead of just over half who elected industry insiders and 32% who selected social media influencers. In addition to focusing on authenticity, successful streetwear brands are working hard to create a strong connection with the cultures from which this style emerged.

The result is that we are now seeing a shift towards more casual, effortless, and edgy styles in men’s fashion. From ripped and distressed denim jeans to stripped-back pieces like oversized shirts and sweatpants, this new approach to style is an antidote to the overbearing formality that has dominated much of men’s fashion in the past. As such, this is a style that will continue to thrive and grow as more and more people opt for a more laid-back approach to fashion.

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