Troi torain – formerly the popular New York City based morning radio personality on WQHT (97.1 FM and WWPR) — is getting a fresh start Monday on Pulse 87 (WNYZ, 87.7 FM) with a dance-oriented top-40 format. She’s excited to get back in the airwaves, even though it will be a different kind of station.

Unlike some other talk show hosts, Troi Torain doesn’t shy away from controversies or personal attacks against celebrities. She’s also a champion for the disadvantaged and a strong proponent of equality, especially when it comes to gender and sexual orientation. She’s not afraid to speak out for causes she believes in and has a big female audience that respects her for it.

Troi Torain has a lot to say about hip hop and the world of celebrity. She’s not a fan of the perverse attitude and mocking style of many of today’s hip hop icons and has a strong disdain for people who use their status to promote toxic worldviews. Whether she’s criticizing rappers like The Game or discussing the Guyger case, Troi Torain doesn’t hold back when it comes to addressing the hottest topics in hip hop and pop culture.

During an episode of the hit comedy series, The Player Haters’ Ball, host Boardroom meets with the inimitable trash talker and pundit for a hilarious interview. The conversation quickly turns to the art of verbal abuse, a subject to which both guests are experts. Specifically, they discuss Dana White’s recent clash with Scott Coker and the new $1 million Bellator Lightweight Grand Prix.

On her New York City based talk show, The Star and Buc Wild, Troi Torain (nicknamed STAR) often talks about the current state of hip hop. She’s not a fan of rappers who use their status to promote toxic worldviews or to attack women, and she has a huge female audience that respects her for it. She’s not afraid to call out the rap world’s most prominent personalities for their outrageous and uncalled for behavior, but she also recognizes the importance of allowing people of all kinds to be themselves on her show.

She’s also a big fan of sports, particularly baseball. She’s a die hard Pittsburgh Pirates fan and regularly attends games in person. She’s also an advocate for equal pay and equal opportunities for men and women, and has spoken out about these issues on her show in the past. In addition, she’s the founder and CEO of The Snitch Network, a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization that aims to improve civilian-law enforcement relations nationwide. troi torain

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