Utility management is a crucial task that property managers need to be able to manage well. It involves the process of tracking and monitoring energy usage in a commercial or residential building. There are many ways to handle utility bills, from implementing a ratio utility billing system to deploying energy-saving measures. This article will provide several tips and strategies that can help property managers improve their utility management techniques.

The most effective way to manage utilities is through a ratio utility billing system. This method allows property owners to pass through the cost of utilities to tenants in a more equitable manner. It does this by dividing up the total bill into different units, based on factors like occupancy and square footage. The system also makes it easier to keep track of payments and prevents owners from getting hit with late fees from utilities companies.

Smart utilities management can help reduce a company’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. It involves using a variety of technologies, including sub-metering and smart meters, to monitor energy usage. This can help identify areas where energy is being wasted, and allow businesses to implement energy-efficient measures that can save them money.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the work that needs to be done in a commercial or residential building. With a utility asset management system, you can keep track of all of the maintenance tasks that need to be completed, and ensure that they are being carried out properly. This can also help improve efficiency and productivity by ensuring that all of the tasks are being completed on time. utility management

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