The global water soluble film market is growing rapidly due to the increase in demand for sustainable packaging. This is primarily due to increasing consumer preference for natural and organic products. Further, stringent regulations on plastic waste is expected to boost the demand for eco-friendly packaging materials. Moreover, growth of the pharmaceutical industry has led to an increase in the use of water-soluble films for packaging purposes. This is owing to the high solvent resistance and gas barrier properties of these films.

A number of companies are working on developing innovative water soluble film that can offer chemical resistance, which makes it an ideal choice for packing powdered chemicals. This will help in avoiding contamination during transport, which is the major concern for the end users. Hence, it will lead to the overall growth of the market.

Besides, the demand for water-soluble films is rising in the detergent and agrochemical packaging sector. This is owing to the need for convenient handling and less wastage of the packed material. Furthermore, these films are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Hence, this is driving the market growth in developed and emerging nations across the globe. However, high production cost of water-soluble films is expected to restrain the market growth. This is attributed to the fact that these films are manufactured using sophisticated machines and require skilled professional for their fabrication. Moreover, the facilities are expensive to maintain. Therefore, these films are more costly than their conventional counterparts. Water Soluble Film Supplier

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