Amber Sea is a freehold development occupying a convenient location between Joo Chiat / Katong and Marine Parade areas in Singapore. Developed by one of the top local developers, Far East Organisation, it is a nice mid-sized development that should be a hit with residents in this area.

Amber is a fossilized resin that formed more than 45 million years ago from pine trees in Northern Europe. The trees, Pinus succinifera, used the resin to protect themselves from insect and weather damage. When a crack formed in the bark, the tree would ooze resin to seal it and prevent it from getting worse.

As the climate changed, these pines began to lose their leaves and the resin they produced became preserved in a hardened, stone-like substance. Today, most of the resin in the world comes from the Baltic sea region of Russia, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

Although amber can occur in a variety of colors, the most common is yellow. Sometimes, other materials mix with the resin and tint it with shades of blue, green, black or brown.

During transformation, the color may change from yellow to red, black or deeper yellow, depending on how it is treated and what elements are dissolved in it. Turpentine gas bubbles are another factor that affect the color. These minute bubbles refract the light and change the perception of color.

The resin in Amber is triboelectric, which means it can become electrically charged when rubbed. This property is unique to Amber and makes it ideal for jewelry.

Amber is also known for its inclusions of trapped ancient insects and plant species, which make it valuable to scientists and specimen collectors. These inclusions can add significant value to the piece, especially if they are interesting or rare, such as a species of ant or a particular type of plant or flower.

These inclusions are what set Amber apart from other mineral-based gemstones. They are often shaped, such as a nugget, or they are layered, like a flower.

Many different varieties of Amber exist, including the famous golden amber, which is the most popular and the most sought after by consumers. Other varieties of amber include dark, cherry, black, pink, orange and white amber.

In addition to being a precious material, amber has a rich history. It was prized by Ancient Greeks and Romans for its beauty, symbolism and connection to the sun.

It was even carved into shapes such as fish, frogs and rabbits to ensure fertility. It is still a prized stone by many cultures.

To this day, amber continues to be valued for its beauty and connection to the sun. It is a cherished jewel that has long been associated with the idea of self-assured, energetic, positive people.

Because of its high energy, amber can be a useful tool in overcoming fear and anxiety. It is believed to encourage positive thinking and help individuals focus on the future. It is also a good stress reliever because of its soothing qualities, such as its ability to relax nerves and stimulate blood flow.

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