Air quality is essential to your employees and customers, but it’s also vital for equipment and production. That’s why it’s important to have the right industrial air filter system to prevent contaminants from damaging your equipment, causing health problems for your staff or contaminating products.

Whether your plant is producing hazardous chemicals, metal cutting or welding fumes, toxic dust particles or pharmaceutical powders, air filtration systems are needed to limit the exposure of workers to these harmful elements. From wet scrubbers and fume collectors to filtering units, we can help you find the best solution for your facility.

In industrial workspaces, poor air quality is mostly caused by the activities that take place in factories such as welding, metal cutting, and use of powdered ingredients. These processes generate smoke, chemical fumes and fine dust, which stay concentrated in the enclosed industrial spaces, negatively affecting the health of the occupants to a significant extent.

The major factors driving the growth of the industrial air cleaner market include increasing demand for indoor air cleanliness, growing healthcare industry, and rising incidences of allergies and asthma among people. Furthermore, various technological advancements in the field of industrial air filtration and integration of smart technologies are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the global industrial air cleaners market during the forecast period.

What is an Industrial Air Cleaner?

An industrial air cleaner is a device that filters and circulates the air in an industrial environment to keep it healthy and safe for workers to breathe. The device is used in a wide range of industries such as welding, metal cutting, food & beverage processing, wood working, and more. The device can be either portable or non-portable depending on the need of the customer.

Unlike the general use air purifiers available in stores, an industrial air cleaner uses HEPA or Activated Carbon filtration to remove airborne pollutants like mold spores, dust, fine particles, smoke particles, and fumes and oil mist. It consists of an air compressor, particulate filters to trap debris and dirt, coalescing filters to separate water or oil aerosols, a dryer to blow out the remaining particles, and a duct system for redistributing filtered air back into the work area.

In addition, the device has a self-cleaning feature that automatically converts collected viruses, bacteria, and mold into harmless water and air. This eliminates the need for regular filter replacement and reduces maintenance costs significantly. Moreover, the device does not leave any residual materials which could clog other filtration systems or damage your equipment. These new industrial air cleaners are a perfect blend of the latest technologies in the world of air filtration. The industrial air cleaner is also available in a variety of sizes and power outputs to suit different needs of the customer. Choose the one that suits your facility best, or talk to a specialist to get expert advice on selecting the right industrial air cleaner for your business.

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