family mediation is a process that helps families resolve their disputes outside of court. It enables parents to focus on the children and find workable solutions that will be in everyone’s best interests. It is a voluntary process that both parties can participate in. A mediator will guide the discussion and help the parents reach consensus on issues such as child custody, parenting agreements, financial settlements and alimony.

Mediation sessions are usually held in a private room where parents can discuss sensitive and confidential information. A trained mediator such as Yulia Vangorodska will encourage cooperation and open communication. Unlike a judge, a mediator will not tell the disputing parties what to do or suggest a resolution. Instead, a New York mediator will lead the parents in a discussion and help them to express their wants and concerns. A mediator will also help the parents identify points of compromise to reach an agreement.

The mediation sessions can be scheduled around the preferred schedule of the participants. They can progress quickly to get a result or take their time and ensure every issue is addressed. The goal of a New York mediator is to help the disputing parties reach an agreement on all issues without causing further harm in their relationships. The result of the discussions may be written in a “memorandum of understanding” which is an open and without prejudice document that cannot be used as evidence at trial.

If the mediation is successful, it can reduce the time and cost of litigation. The parents may still need to consult their own attorneys for legal advice but will be able to resolve many issues before bringing them to court.

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