Phoenix Import offers a variety of angel figurines, perfect for gift shops looking to add unique and inspirational gifts. This selection features a wide range of angel designs, colors and themes. From angel design gift ware to gemstone angel statues, this category has everything you need to add a touch of divine to your store’s inventory.

Angels & Cherubs

Add a sense of divine, ethereal beauty to any home or garden with angel statues. These graceful winged creatures work especially well when placed atop mantels or tabletops, where they bestow a soft and reverent aura on any room’s decor. Angels and cherubs are also popular choices for garden statues, as they lend a tranquil aspect to any outdoor space.

In the Bible, the word angel (malachim) can refer to both the real angels described in religious texts like the Bible and the cute baby-like angels with wings that are often called cherubs in art. Cherubim, which are usually depicted as being wild and having human and animal-like features, appear in the Bible during a story about guarding the entrance to Eden. The cherubim were charged with protecting the integrity of God’s paradise against being corrupted by the introduction of sin into the world.

Christians believe cherubim are among the higher ranks of angels and serve as God’s celestial attendants, always praising Him. Known as karubiyun in Islam, cherubim continuously praise Allah by saying the phrase tasbih (“Glory to Allah!”). Cherubim and seraphim are also guardians of the Ark of the Covenant, the most holy place in Judaism.

Gemstone Angels

Infuse your home and office with the healing energy of angels made from natural crystals and gemstones. Each gemstone has a unique property that can enhance your meditation, healing, and spiritual journey. For example, a Rose Quartz angel could help you attract love and build meaningful relationships with others while promoting compassion and forgiveness. A Quartz angel could also serve as an amplifier of any other stone’s healing properties. An Opalite angel is said to promote self-reflection and truth while encouraging your perseverance and self-confidence.

The Mix Gemstone Angels collection of figurines offers a wide variety of angels crafted from a number of different stones and crystals. Each angel is a miniature sculpture that’s perfect for keeping on hand or as a gift to someone special.

Phoenix Import is a family-owned business that started in 1985 when one of the founders combined a small cupid angel she had bought with a yellow ribbon to focus positive energy on the Gulf War. Their mistake turned into a successful business venture that eventually saw them sell over 1 million angel products in the USA alone! Today, they produce 100s of angel products with a focus on quality. Their newest range of angel products includes many of the popular angels with gemstone additions, which are believed to offer additional healing properties.

Garden Angels

Garden angels are a beautiful way to add a hint of whimsy and simple spirituality to any outdoor setting. Choose from a variety of angels that come bearing hearts; messages of love, compassion and faith; and symbols of harmony with nature. They make wonderful gifts for the gardeners in your life or a thoughtful reminder to yourself to find beauty and hope in all that you do.

The UMaine Extension Garden Angel program pairs volunteers with recipients who need help planning, planting, and caring for a vegetable or flower garden on their own property. Garden Angels visit with their recipient weekly throughout the growing season, enabling them to enjoy the health benefits of fresh vegetables and the delight in the sight and smell of flowers and herbs they have grown themselves.

Fabric bundle of 42 5-inch squares from the Garden Angels collection by designer Jim Shore for Benartex. Featuring popular angel themes and pastel colors, these fabrics are perfect for quilting, sewing, or window treatments. Printed on high-quality cotton.

Memorial Angels

Wholesale gift shop suppliers offer a variety of unique memorial angel figurines and angel statues designed to serve as comforting keepsakes for loved ones who have lost a family member or friend. These angels are often displayed at a grave or kept near a photograph as a gentle reminder of those who have passed away.

These pewter embellished angels are the perfect way to convey your condolences and sympathy for someone who has suffered a recent loss. These simple, yet elegant, angels are made in the USA and are the ideal piece to keep close by.

These laser cut birch angels feature a slot that allows for the placement of a small scrap of clothing from your loved one to make up the skirt of this angel. They stand 11in tall and can be used for either fresh or silk flower arrangements, or as a decorative piece on their own. wholesale angel figurines

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